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Oct 3, 2021 - 07:48
Oct 6, 2021 - 08:11
Share Videos And Exchange Mails on Zajjle has come up as a powerful and the quintessential search engine and news website that covers the Arab world the deepest of all. Most websites and search engines do not cover the entirety of Arab news for a variety of reasons, chief among them being political. But the Zajjle search engine is free from all such biases and brings to you authentic, unfiltered articles and reports so that you can form your own opinion. This website also shows you results without biases or leaning towards any particular political or ideological side. Articles as they come, as they happened are shown to you, only on Zajjle news.


Apart from these, is also a video sharing site. Zajjle Video lets you share any type of content on the platform from anywhere, especially for the Arab world. We have thousands of videos from all across the Arab land ; videos in Arabic depicting so much of the land, the culture, news, sports, entertainment, fun and so much more that can only be done on Zajjle Video. In addition to this, Zajjle also has an email service called Zajjle Mail that you can use all the time for your personal or for your professional use.


"Zajjle has another powerful service called Zajjle Data. Through this, you can keep track of visits to your website, including the city from which your visitors hail! Zajjle is a multipurpose online service that will make your life so much easier with its search engine, unbiased news, video streaming service, mail service and data service. We promise you this — there is no better website to showcase the Arab world better or in detail than Zajjle. Try it today!", said the owner of


About is a multipurpose online service that acts as a search engine, brings us news, is a video sharing site, is an email service and a data service, all wrapped in one.



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