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Argentina partially reopens after weeks of declining COVID cases

Argentina partially reopens after weeks of declining COVID...

Argentina adopted the plan after 10 consecutive weeks of lower case numbers and...


Philippine President Marcos Jr visits Japan as security...

Philippine president and Japanese PM Fumio Kishida are expected to sign an agreement allowing for closer security ties.


New Zealand recovers 3 tonnes of cocaine floating in the...

Police say the drugs - enough to supply New Zealand for 30 years- were probably destined for Australia.


Zelenskyy says situation in Ukraine’s east ‘getting tougher’

Ukrainian leader says Russia is throwing more and more troops into battle on the eastern front lines.


Chile expands emergency as deaths from wildfires rise

At least 23 people killed as dozens of wildfires torch forests in Chile.


Israeli forces kill unarmed Palestinian man in occupied...

Abdullah Sami Qalalweh, 26, was shot and killed near the town of Huwara, south of Nablus, officials said.


Brazil sinks aircraft carrier in Atlantic despite pollution...

Critics of Brazil's planned sinking of the Sao Paulo described it as a 'state-sponsored environmental crime'.